State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary Clinton-Era TPP Emails Until After The Election

6 June 2016: Donald Trump’s campaign demanded that the State Department release Clinton’s TPP-related emails. The Trump campaign referred to Clinton as “the outsourcing candidate” and said she was intent on “ramming TPP down the throats of the American people.” ref  Spring 2016 Response for FOIA request was ‘abruptly’ changed from spring 2016 to late November 2016.

While Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has publicly reversed her position on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it remains unknown how much she helped advance, or even craft, the international trade deal while serving as U.S. Secretary of State—and the Obama administration appears interested in keeping it that way.

America says ‘We rule the world’, sign TPP and TTIP (03May16). Published on 3 May 2016: America says “We want to rule the planet”, and everyone should sign America’s crooked TPP and TIIP so called “trade deals”, and shut up and take it up the ass for America’s crooked corporations and crooked government.

Keiser Report: April 23 2016: Secrets of TTIP & TPP: Japan is not pursuing the TPP, fearing a public backlash before elections this summer.

Quote from After literally hundreds of such bilateral deals have been signed, countries around the world are finally waking up to the fact these corporate rights agreements are at the root of many of their economic and social problems because they systematically undermine national sovereignty and the capacity for democratic governance. The two deals the EU has been negotiating with Canada (CETA) and the U.S. (the TTIP) may never come to pass, as EU civil society and several national governments (Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Greece), are pushing back hard. And perhaps Trudeau might ask himself and Canadians: if Europeans are moving in the direction of rejecting two agreements similar to the TPP what do they know that Canada doesn’t?

The Europeans have finally figured out that these agreements have little to with trade and have a lot to do with empowering global capital. Two of the most important aspects of these deals which explicitly undermine democracy are their investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions which many Canadians are already familiar with, and the privileged role that large corporations are given in the actual legislative process once these agreements are signed. ISDS provisions allow corporations to sue governments directly for any new laws or regulations which reduce their future profits.

250,000 Germans protested in Berlin recently against TTIP. What do they know that we don’t?

Excluded countries

Countries who are excluded from these trade agreements are also uncomfortable with the secrecy, with cabals that are altering the way trade is done internationally without consultation with other countries that will be affected. In the first half of this video, Putin addresses  Russia’s perspectives on these concerns.