Canada’s Options

  1. Thoroughly read the document, address the extensive concerns, here and abroad. Delay for a while.
  2. Canada becomes a true world leader by drawing up a an alternative trade agreement that puts people and the environment front and center, rather than profit. How good do we want it? Some possible shifts in conceptual basis could include:
  • Economy is about providing for people needs (rather than profit and money)
  • People’s needs are sourced with the least labour, resources and energy, reducing human impact on increasingly fragile ecology.
  • Work hours needed to sustain a comfortable living standard for all are roughly divided by the number of working people. The more efficiently needs are provided, the more spare time people have.
  • Success is redefined as living gracefully, being able to follow interests and passions. The new focus could be on personal and collective growth (low carbon) rather than economic growth.

This trade agreement could create the foundation for a global shift into a truly sustainable lifestyle and world peace, gently increasing health, social equality and safety standards worldwide.

3. Meet with the TPP-country leaders Canada does not have trade agreements with. Can an agreement be set up bilaterally that would give offer both countries the trade advantages without the medical price hikes, internet control, threat of ISDS lawsuits, and without being locked in forever.

4. Ratify TPP, causing civil unrest at home, disillusionment with the new government that promised change then went with a Harper agenda, and deal with poverty down the line through outsourcing, health care increases, ISDS lawsuits, lower health and environment standards, increased social inequality (coming to be seen as a hall-mark of trade agreements) and see Canada diminish in well-being for the sake of increased profits for the already wealthy few.