TPP will COST Canada, not make money

Jim Balsillie, former co-chief executive of Research in Motion, says the intellectual property rules favour the USA, who have set the rules, and would harm emerging Canadian entrepreneurs, costing BILLIONS of dollars.

Rewriting Canadian law will cost millions

Canada will need to re-write it’s copyright and Internet laws to be in compliance with TPP. Currently Canadian laws are much more lenient than will be if TPP is ratified.

Global Watch outlines some of the Internet and Digital content law changes under TPP Ref

Downloading digital content

Global Watch outlines some of the Internet and Digital content law changes under TPP ref saying: “Currently Canadian copyright law stipulates that the cap for liability for illegal downloads is $5,000 and $20,000 for commercial use. Canada joining the TPP could make this a criminal offence. “It has the power to make our Internet more censored and policed, induce regulations that criminalize small-scale copyright infringement and personal use infringements,” said Sali. “There is language in the TPP which has the potential to kick people off the Internet for repeated violations, for example Twitter needing to monitor its users for copyright infringement,” said Sali.

Access to illegal information could become a crime

Global News reports: “Under the TPP, simply having the capabilities necessary to retrieve these secrets would be a crime, and could increase the risks for investigative journalists or whistleblowers.


Global news reports: “Additionally, the ‘fair use’ exception of copyright law is what allows Canadians (including students and professors) to copy parts of textbooks for educational purposes, and use this material in presentations and news articles. This is one of the stipulations that Canada could be required to alter in joining the TTP.